Question by  nleitere (21)

Can I use margarine in a cake mix?

I don't know much about baking.


Answer by  peces (109)

The instructions included on the cake mix box should be followed for best results. Typically, butter is preferred over margarine because it gives the cake a better flavor. Melted butter is sometimes called for since it is easier to blend. Margarine should only be used if specifically called for.


Answer by  Zon (122)

Yes, but unless you have health issues, your cake will taste better with real butter. "Healthy" margerines contain water and/or other oils, which change the texture and flavor of cake, and regular margerines contain transfats (hydrogen forced through vegetable oil, changing its molecular structure [yik]),which is bad for your heart. Live large; eat real cake. Good luck to you.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

No. Generally if an item specifically states BUTTER you should use only butter. The fat content in Margarine isn't high enough to hold the mixture together. Margarine is soft in texture and actually melts too quick and makes the batter too runny.

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