Question by  Sammygdawg (19)

Can I transfer my 403B to a 529 educational saving plan?

I have a 403B but think that the 529 would offer me more for my children.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

You should encounter no problems with this. If the same provider offers both plans, you should be able to do it fairly easily. If you have to switch providers, you'll just need to provide the new account manager it the asset information.

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Will a penalty apply?  add a comment
Reply by ballerinafigure (2):
Can this be done with out tax penalty?  add a comment
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This cannot be done as a direct rollover.  add a comment

Answer by  sangee (135)

Individualized education plan for student. A 529 plan is an individualized education plan for a student that does not qualify for special education but still needs intervention to be successful.

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a 504 plan is a plan for student who doesn't require specialized instruction, but still required accommodations in the classroom in order to benefit from instruction. 529 plan is a college savings plan  add a comment
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