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Question by  Jessica34 (16)

Can I move out if I have a rent to own agreement?

I have changed my mind and now i want to move out.


Answer by  patti (29325)

It depends on the contract. Usually a rent-to-own contract specifies the term of the lease, and when or if the sale process must be begun within a certain time frame. Review the contract for particulars. If you made a down payment or laid out earnest money, it is likely that it will not be refunded.


Answer by  Jaggers (1018)

No unfortunately your are locked in for the rest of your life to this contract. Unless you acquire a dog ,violating the no pet clause thus voiding the contract.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Most rent to own contracts address this problem. Usually the money you have paid is nonrefundable and is viewed as straight rent payments at that point.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

Yes, you can always move out. However, this will break your lease and you will have to suffer whatever penalties are associated with it. In a rent-to-own agreement, usually you have been contributing a portion of your rent towards the purchase price and this will generally be forfieted.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

Yes, you can move out or rather quit from a rent to own agreement but moving out is possible only as per the clause of the agreement if it has clearly specified regarding the moving out and that also on what terms and conditions, otherwise you would have to face legal complications.

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