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Question by  di21 (1)

my CA landlord gave me 30 day notice selling the house my lparents &now I rented over 40 yrs

What can I do if my CA landlord gave me a 30 day notice that he is selling the house that I have rented for over 40 years?


Answer by  step (309)

On a month-to-month lease you have nothing, year-to-year you have to the end date. You can always trump the current offer on the house, buy it, and then it is all yours. If this is not possible, take a militant stand and refuse to leave (illegal), you could buy yourself another 30-60 days before eviction.


Answer by  Anonymous

thirty day notice if less than one year and sixty day notice if it has been over 1 year.


Answer by  Fritz (608)

There really is nothing you can do but try and find another place to live or purchase the house yourself. Under the law all landlords have to do is give 30 days notice.

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