Question by  Dawne (69)

Can I make chenille from flannel?


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

Yes. Layer three pieces of flannel and sew lines at least an inch and a half apart across the entire piece. Then slide your scissors or a chenille cutter down each channel, cutting all but the bottom layer of flannel. Launder the piece to bring up the fluffy edges.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

Yes. You would normally need several layers of flannel laid on top of each other. Most often these layers are different colours to give an interesting finish.


Answer by  cherylm720 (23)

Yes, because the term chenille refers to the way that a fabric is made, not the material of which it is made. To make chenille, a tightly wound core is made, then short lengths of the flannel cloth are wrapped around the core so that the edges of the flannel are at a right angle to the core.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

You can make chenille from flannel. Flannel can be "brushed up" with a chenille brush. Washing and drying chenille blankets will fray the chenille, also. Remember to clean dryer filter as fluffing chenille produces mass lint!


Answer by  MrPKitty (329)

Use between 4 to 8 layers of material, darkest on the bottom, lightest on top. Pin together or use a basting spray. Mark a diagonal line on the bias then stitch through all layers 1/4 inch from that line on both sides until completely quilted. Cut between the lines all but the bottom layer. To fluff, wash and dry.


Answer by  SandyG (807)

No. Chenille is a made from special yarn that contains silk, cotton, or other threads. Flannel may feel soft like chenille, but it is a different process that created flannel.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Yes, you can make chenille from flannel. But there are steps that you should follow. Be sure that the flannel in the same weight, otherwise you will not get the correct pattern. You can also make throw rugs out of this. These are primary used in front of sinks and bathrooms. One rule of thumb, put a rug liner down.

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