Question by  gregg02 (15)

Can I make a haunted house for $100?


Answer by  Nicole32 (117)

Sure! Especially for kids. The easiest way is to have a couple people at the front blind fold the kids as they come in. Have several bowls lined up on the table of warm, cooked linguini covered in oil, great for guts, have another bowl of peeled grapes (human eyeballs) or giant tapioca for fish eyeballs.


Answer by  CatherineKlay (440)

Sure! Get lots of friends to volunteer to help and shop costume & craft stores for make-up and decorations right AFTER Halloween when props go on sale. Rely more on make-up and acting and less on purchased items, stay focused on a small number of scenes and you'll do fine!


Answer by  sharmila (83)

oh yes, a little card board haunted house for playing purpose is possible in $100. make this with the help of a picture in your storybook or get help from internet. colour it with black, stick ghost pictures over it to frighten your friends. this haunted house should be filled with skeleton type things.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Yes you could. Look online on how to make spooky decorations for cheap. See if people will donate to your house and you could save a lot on supplies.

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