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Question by  gopi (11)

Is there a real haunted house in central Illinois?

I have heard this story about a haunted house for years and I want to go there.


Answer by  Zoso (869)

Yes -- the Old Slave House, aka Hickory Hill, stands in Equality Illinois, 30 miles east of Marion, legendary for frightening experienced paranormal researchers to death.


Answer by  Allison (187)

There is no real haunted house in central Illinois or anywhere else. Some supernatural societies will use strange radio scanning devices or camera techniques to try to prove the presence of ghosts, but there is no way to substantiate this supposed evidence.


Answer by  rockstarsloveme (21)

The Harrold House in Decatur, IL, has long been thought to be haunted by a spirit looking to complete unfinished business. There are three ghosts that haunt this property.

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