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Question by  nicole72576 (16)

How do I get my RCA tv off of demo mode?

My RCA TV is stuck on demo mode.


Answer by  addie (27)

Got to the main menu screen; from there, there should either be an option to go to live TV mode or an option to select an input mode. If there is a live mode- just pick that. If you have to use the input method, just keep selecting input types until the tv starts working in live mode


Answer by  Joe74 (69)

Try pressing menu on you tv remote and look around for anything that may say "in store mode" or "demo mode" normally those two things are the cause of being stuck in demo mode.


Answer by  bajestar (605)

Try unplugging it, or taking the batteries out or replacing them. Hit demo and see if there's an off preset. If its under warranty contact RCA for help.


Answer by  Gfaaw (143)

With the TV turned on, press menu on the remote control, go to 'setup. ' In the setup there should be an option for 'home' or 'demo,' highlight the homeuse box and push the enter or ok button.

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