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Question by  JackWetherson (13)

Can I get a title with no VIN number?


Answer by  carsman (33)

The VIN number is absolutely necessary for getting a car title. This is how the government is able to keep track of all the automobiles on the road. All VIN numbers should be on the dash of your car and/or in the manual of the car. Make sure you have it before you go get your title.


Answer by  jp95 (160)

This is absolutely not possible. The federal government mandates that every vehicle on the road be registered with a vin or Vehicle Identification Number. Without a vin you will not be able to title or license a vehicle


Answer by  Tknight (273)

A vehicle with no VIN number usually means it is stolen. The VIN number is located somewhere on the vehicle, in the engine block or on top of the dash.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

No you can not. That is how one car is differentiated from another. Without this then there is no way of finding a copy of the title. If you have the car you should be able to supply the VIN.

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