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Question by  amanda132 (17)

Can I fix my PSP myself or do I need to take it somewhere to do so?


Answer by  BriNelson (69)

Take it some place where it can be fixed. If you still have an active warranty for your PSP, it is best to send back to the company with a note explaining the problem. If not, you can take the PSP to your local Best Buy or some place where they can fix electronics.


Answer by  Ashander (90)

Sony has registered and authorized repair personel who will fix it for you. Do not try to do it yourself, or they will not fix it.


Answer by  Xayne (177)

It is best suggested that you take your PSP to a professional to get it fixed because of the manufacturer warranty. If your PSP is past it's warranty, you can try to fix it yourself but I still recommend taking it somewhere.


Answer by  Andy37 (60)

You can attempt to fix it yourself but I strongly recommend that you don't. See if you can send it back to the manufacturer to get it fixed or replaced.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well typically consoles like those require specialized tools and knowledge to repair. So usually it is a good idea to have a professional fix it for you otherwise you may actual damage it more.


Answer by  Yamizero (77)

It depends on the problem you are dealing with. If its a software problem its usually an easy fix for you to do yourself but if its a hardware malfunction it is best to take it to a qualified person to have it fixed istead of risking permanently breaking it or voiding your warrenty

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