Question by  jessemiller (13)

How do I fix a chip on a black guitar?

I need to fix a chip on my black guitar.


Answer by  cbaham3 (34)

I have fixed chips on my black guitar many times using a little bit of wood filler and black nail polish.


Answer by  boywonderjay (23)

You can do this with black fingernail polish and clear coat. Lightly sand the chipped area with 300 grit or higher sandpaper to allow the polish to better adhere to the surface. Next, paint two light coats into the chipped area, allowing each to dry between paintings, apply the clear coat over the dry paint, and allow to dry.


Answer by  Brian73 (90)

The only real way to fix a chip in your paint is to get a hold of the exact paint used on your guitar from the company and use that to cover up the wood. However, in many people's opinion, scratches and chips merely add character to the instrument! My guitar has a bit of paint missing, too!


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

It all depends on the material your guitar is made out of. If it is a hollow body and its just a black chip of paint then the right music store or guitar specialist can tell you what to use. Most guitars have a thick coat of lacquer and a little paint, you need to find the correct materials.

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