Question by  Bubu (10)

Can I download ICQ messenger for free?


Answer by  pxb (119)

Yes, ICQ messenger, currently at version 7, is provided for free to both Windows and Mac PC users. You may also download ICQ message for free for your iPhone, Windows-, Java-, or Android-based mobile phones. Installers for PCs and mobile phones are available through the "Download" section of the ICQ website.


Answer by  2525252 (717)

Yeah if you go on their website or any other website such as you can download it for free. In fact all messengers are free such as MSN and yahoo as well. So go ahead and download it and add your friends. It gets really addicting though so be careful.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

ICQ is free to download and use. you should be able to get the messenger from the official website no problem.


Answer by  sya (6)

Yes, you can download at ICQ website. Click at download and wait for a few seconds. After finishing download, install and you can use it.

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