Question by  Zrafidim (107)

After I download MSN Messenger can I use it to play games?


Answer by  Alyaron (233)

Actually playing games with MSN Messenger (now Windows Live Messenger) is quite easy. You only need to open a conversation with the contact you want to play with, then head to the Action menu on the top of the conversation and choose "Play a game". If you don't find the Action menu, press the ALT button just once.


Answer by  fivezero (35)

Yes and no. There are some games you can play with your friends and family but MSN is not made for games like the program "steam" is MSN is mainly for keeping in touch with friends and family the games that are there (chess, checkers, battleship, ...) are there just as fun quick things to do.


Answer by  LazyPilots (82)

There are games available that are compatible with MSN Messenger. Once you download it and add some contacts, you should be able to play some games on it as long as your computer meets the minimum requirements.


Answer by  redracer (19)

The answer is yes you can use it to play microsoft online games but not much more then that ok well there are add ons.


Answer by  scdan2002 (40)

Yes, MSN offers many games that you can play through their messenger system. You will need to visit the msn zone website, and click "play now" beside the game of your choice.

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