Question by  nickicaleca (10)

Where can I get keyword software?

I hope there's something free I can download.


Answer by  Adrian27 (338)

All Office suites fro Microsoft have integrated keyword software. Now if you are looking for SEO optimization, well, from my personal knowledge there isn't any software available yet and even if there was you should really think if you want a robot to make decisions that will affect your Search engine optimization.


Answer by  mingxhin (188)

There is a free program from Lifehacker called Texter. Basically it allows you to associate keywords to expand to a longer text e.g. usa to United States of America. It also allows you to do simple scripting e.g. filling up address forms. It also has auto-correct for commonly misspelled words.


Answer by  BrokenWits (382)

If you want something free, you can go to any search engine and search for Open Source Keyword Software, and there will be plenty of results.


Answer by  pradonog (117)

You can get a good one at goodkeywords web site (good keyword v3) , you can also download the free version there

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