Question by  Rebecca34 (5)

Can I download Bejeweled or is it only available to play online?

I would like to put it on my daughter's laptop.


Answer by  Spokeys (247)

You can definitely download Bejeweled to a computer. Have you tried the main website of Popcap games? They are the ones who created the game. I am sure that they have it to download for cheap. Oh, and I have seen the game in stores too if that helps you.


Answer by  Kalamaha6 (99)

If you go to yahoo games you should be able to play online and they also offer you the option of purchasing it for your computer. You do have to have a yahoo account, so if you do not have one then you must sign up first. The yahoo account is free, but then you can purchase games also.


Answer by  Mech79 (185)

At stores like Target, Walmart, or Staples you can buy the game for generally under ten dollars and it sometimes has bonus games. You can also find download versions at various sites on the internet.


Answer by  cromertre (79)

In some sofware you can automatically play it but it is available for download but I am pretty sure it is only the trial version.


Answer by  Surandil (20)

Bejewled is a typical online game and there is a way to download it to the computer. I give a tested by me link to a site where You can download it. Type in Google: Bejeweled swf download. It will work without internet after downloading on the computer and still save the game state. Enjoy!

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