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Question by  metal (22)

Can I do a homebrew tattoo using pen ink?


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

It is possible to tattoo yourself with regular pen ink but it isn't a very good idea. Pen ink is not sterilized, and may cause allergies. The tattoo ink that is used in shops is sterile and non allergenic, and formulated to not be broken down by the body. Pen ink will dissipate in a few months.


Answer by  AR (53)

You can use pen ink for a tattoo, but fountain pen ink (india ink) works better. Pen ink will feather out and fade to a bluish color over a short period of time compared to india ink, which still will fade/feather faster than a professional ink job.


Answer by  jeremy46 (325)

No, the ink resins are inappropriate. You can get a temporary tattoo using henna pigments, or get a water soluble temporary tattoo in certain boxes of Cracker Jack.


Answer by  Tattooine (40)

Of course you can do, but I would not recommend to do so. Usual pen ink may contain substances that are toxic or may create allergies.


Answer by  ChristianBennion (80)

This method can be painful and dangerous so be careful when trying this. First draw your tattoo on a piece of paper. Heat up a needle (a safety pin, etc., will work). Rubbed the ink thickly over the area and then place the paper with the over the ink and literally carve the design right into your arm.


Answer by  Anonymous

ive heard alot of people that have done it and theirs are gud and have stayed long but i have wanted to but the things people say quit scare me

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