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Question by  missmojo1 (29)

Why do women get tattoos?

I think tattoos mar a beautiful body.


Answer by  Evilpeoplerock00 (64)

Women get tattoos for some of the same reason that men get tattoos. Tattoos are a great way to express your personality and be creative. They last a lifetime and serve as a constant reminder. Tattoos are also sometimes gotten solely for cosmetic purposes, such as tattooed eyebrows or jewelry.


Answer by  spookythemartian (75)

I know a lot of women with tattoos i use to work in a tattoo parlor and i think it makes them feel strong and independent


Answer by  Krissy (178)

Women get tattoos for the same reason men get them, to adorn their body with images that remind them of the things, or people that they love. Tattoos are considered by some to enhance the body.


Answer by  Anonymous

Because they like them. And no-one cares what you think.

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