Question by  Marvelmomma (124)

Can employers force you to call in to get your schedule?

My employer makes me call in to get my schedule.


Answer by  dee68 (244)

As long as a schedule of work is offered, it is up too the employer as to how it's employee's get their information.


Answer by  jchabot2012 (9)

Yes, some employers such as staffing agencies require you to check in once a week by phone. They work with you to become employed by one of their clients advertising for available workers. You must call to find out when you can start to work and what your hours will be.


Answer by  Deb48 (88)

There is nothing legally preventing an employer from requiring employees to call in to get a work schedule. It is not an unreasonable request for an employer to expect you to contact the workplace on your own time.

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