Question by  Rachel (25)

Will recurrent ear infections mean my child needs surgery?

My child keeps getting ear infections.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Yes it is possible that your child my need tubes in their ears. Recurrent ear infections could mean that you are proping up your baby's bottle. Also, the medicine that your childs peditrician is prescribing may not be working to clear up the infection. Do not let your child go to bed with a wet head.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

Ear infections are quite common for young children. Chances are quite good that he or she will grow out of this problem naturally.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

Only your pediatrician can really answer this question, after he/she has examined your child's specific situation. The doctor will does some tests, take a look at your child's past history, and try most other alternatives first before opting for surgery. Tubes might be the solution, but only the doctor can really know.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Doctors often suggest that you get tubes placed in the ears of a child who keeps getting ear infections. While it may seem traumatic, it is well worth it.

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