Question by  Ratheesh (44)

Can addiction and relationships exist together?

Does he have to choose one or the other?


Answer by  sarah72 (61)

It may not be the answer one wants to hear, but often times people who are trapped in their addictions have a hard time maintaining healthy relationships with others.


Answer by  Droopy (58)

It's difficult to maintain a relationship during an addiction. It will feel like a 10LB gorilla on your back. The addiction usually becomes the highest priority in the relationship. The user will stop at nothing to get the fix and usually will put aside all feelings of love.


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

You can have a relationship with an addict, but it will not be a healthy one. He will eventually choose the addiction over the relationship. He should get into a 12 step program.


Answer by  crazycampbells (56)

Being in a relationship with an addict isn't easy, but with a kind, considerate, and most of all, patient partner you can have both.


Answer by  Anita (18)

While it is possible for an addict to be in a relationship, it is extremely difficult. An addiction takes a lot of time and energy from a person, as does a relationship. The relationship is likely to suffer because addiction is a very powerful thing.


Answer by  ToralDwivedi (606)

An addict is more loyal to his addiction than anything else in the world. All addicts are liars and not trustworthy. Addict prefers addiction to relations. All addicts are thieves. They steal almost anything for their addiction substance. Do not trust any addict under any circumstances.


Answer by  Anonymous

if the person is an addict RUN LIKE HELL! They are exhausting liars and manipulaters who are incapable of empathy. Pray but RUN like hell!!


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes. But never well.

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