Question by  vishu (31)

At what age do Baptists get baptized?


Answer by  AnthroBoss (122)

It varies and depends on the individual. Acceptance of salvation and the outward expression of baptism must be conscious decisions. You should be old enough to ask and answer, "Why shouldn't I be baptized? " like the Ethiopian in Acts 8. That could be at five, twelve or twenty-one.


Answer by  harwoodkp (376)

That all depends on when a baptist accepts Christ as their savior. There is a point when a person realizes they are a sinner and need a savior, and this is known as age of accountability. Usally this does not happen until after they are 10 years old.


Answer by  beula (25)

The age of 16 the baptize get baptized. That age only will be the correct age for taking the baptize. because that time only now the wright and the wrong things

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