Question by  fish222 (15)

Are z31 model Nissans a good car?

I have never driven one.


Answer by  Tigran (19)

Nissan is one of its best offers of Japanese market, Nissan Z31 was one of the best selling cars and it appears to be sport-machine , it makes the driver feel safe and comfortable ,less noise , good sport appearance and performance , cheap and durable technical parts .


Answer by  jovi (16)

Nissan are most reliable car known for their Turbo models in the 80's. It is equipped with water cooling system overhauled. Although it is an older sports car, but can be quite a challenge having this car. Luxurious and a lady type sports car. It carries both the same nameplates as Datsun and Nissan vehicle


Answer by  RaresIurean (29)

Yes is a very good car, i have never driven one but i was in one. Is awesome and it`s very stable on the road.. Not wild car..just good


Answer by  ro67 (3)

yes they're great cars they have great hightec sterios and there hugge . i love them . did you know ieven bring my dog in this car its so nice.

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