Question by  LadySnapdragon (25)

Are there supplements I can take to help with cystic acne?


Answer by  justmesuzanne (625)

Vitamins A and E are always good supplements for the skin. Two thousand milligrams of C and a b-50 daily will help build your immune system, and that is good for all kinds of conditions. Add Omega 3 Fatty acids in the form of fish oil or flax see oil to further enhance this mix.


Answer by  Catalina (13)

YES Zinc is an important mineral in regulating the activity of your oil glands, as well as being a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin B5 is also a key ingredient in fighting excess oil, necessary in order to produce Coenzyme-A, which in turn is needed for the metabolism of skin oil.


Answer by  tashalc (46)

Minerals and Vitamins are good supplements. Vitamin A helps reduce acne, making skin healthy. Zinc helps remove and repair scars. Both help with inflamation and bacterial infection.


Answer by  DulceDeLeche (219)

I don't think cystic acne can be cured with supplements, but doctors can prescribe stuff that will help. My brother had pretty bad acne, and kicks himself because he could have avoided years of the annoyance by going to a doctor earlier. He used accutane, and it worked fantastically.


Answer by  Jenny (23)

Unfortunately no. You should talk to your dermatologist about improving your diet which can help your complexion a bit. For cystic acne your best course of action is to use prescription medicine. Accutane is a very powerful drug that can do wonders for cystic acne. You may experience some uncomfortable side effects while on Accutane.


Answer by  ryry806 (30)

No, but there's a prescription that can help you. It's called Accutane and although it can cause serious birth defects, it's a very powerful drug that dries up oil glands to get rid of acne. Women go through a series of steps and programs to get on this drug, but it's easier for men.

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