Question by  ugesh (24)

Are there any side effects when using an ear cleaning solution on my cat?

My cat has ear wax buildup.


Answer by  iggylizard (352)

Be very careful when using an ear cleaning solution on your cat. Make sure it is one designed for use with cats. Cats are very sensitive to any kind of liquid in the ears and can get ear infections quite easily. The bottle should tell you if it's approved for cats.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

The main "side effect" is that the water in the ear may annoy the cat. However, make sure the product is for use in felines to avoid problems.


Answer by  chitraanilkumar (340)

Yes there are so many side effects when using an ear cleaning solution to your cat , cat has has got its own (natural) way for cleaning it so you dont do it let her doit her own


Answer by  Riley (765)

Most ear cleaning solutions have no side effects. There are even some natural and herbal drops. It is a good idea to get an antibiotic ointment to put in ear canal after cleaning. Sometimes in the ear wax mites, demodex or pus can be found. Best to contact your vet.


Answer by  Javaholic (227)

A cat's ears are sensitive. As soon as you place the ear cleaning solution in the ear make sure to massage the base of the ear gently. They will instantly shake their head in reaction to it. A side effect will not occur instantly but within a few hours double check the cat to make sure their are no problems.

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