Question by  harry67 (53)

Are there any online games that don't require Java?

I hate Java and uninstalled it.


Answer by  Hfranq (11)

Yes, of course. There are other technologies to play games like Adobe Flash. To install Flash you should go to adobe's page and click on Download Adobe Flash Player. Other alternatives are games developed in Javascript (not the same as Java) and HTML5. For that kind of games you don't need anything more than a Internet browser (IE isn't valid)


Answer by  Peter1563 (265)

Yes, there are many online games that don't require Java. By far the most popular platform for these games is Adobe Flash, the same thing used for many online videos.


Answer by  mjanthony (47)

Yes, plenty of choice. The majority of online games are flash-based games, so you'll need to install Adobe Flash. :)

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