Question by  KLucas90 (2)

Can you please help me troubleshoot my Java Script?

I had installed McAfee's, "Total Protection 2010" for PC, accidentally I had uninstalled it, and somehow it messed with my JavaScript. Now I've been trying to reinstall McAfee, and it won't work because the installer says that JavaScript isn't working properly. I don't understand what's wrong to fix it.


Answer by  anime018 (234)

If you having problems with your java script. Its mostly a java problem Mcafee has nothing to do with it other than probably deleting files. Install java again.


Answer by  alsoftware (117)

McAfee is not the cause of your problem. Javascript is exectued inside your web browser probably it has just been disabled and needs to be turned on again (options->protection->enable javascript)


Answer by  ahsanmahmoodawan (1169)

brother its looks like that you have got 2 problems at this time so you need a single software for fix these problems you need to install CCLEANER software and take its cleaner test as well as registry test and it will clear out all the temps files and also fix your registry and problem will fix


Answer by  MarjiS (128)

If you have SYSTEM RESTORE on your computer, most computers do now. Restore your system to an earlier time from when the problem occurred and that should take care of it. Then also make sure that your Javascript enabled button is checked on your computer settings. The last thing is that you can contact McAfee tech support.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

In that case I would try to download the latest version of the java runtime from the sun page. After that reinstall McAfee.


Answer by  randall6 (242)

The best thing to do with a java script error is to try and update your java application. if this does not work uninstall Java from the control panel. The re install java. I always like to run the updater after software installs to ensure that I am running the most up to date version.


Answer by  MPX (171)

In order to fix your problem you must re-download Java and reinstall in on you computer. After you have reinstalled Java, try to reinstall McAfee.

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