Question by  Ayushchandran (25)

Are there any Four Tops DVDs?

They are my dad's favorite music group. I want to get him one for Christmas. Where should I look?


Answer by  Gregory51 (17)

Yes, the Four Tops have many DVDs out there. Some of the DVDs featuring that band include "Reach Out", "From The Heart: The Four Tops - 50th Anniversary Concert", and "The Four Tops". They are easy enough to find if you shop online. Look at your favorite online vendor, such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Answer by  Anwar88 (112)

There are a ton of online stores which sell FOUR Tops DVDs. You should Google for 'cduniverse' website and search 'Four Tops' many DVDs for sale. They cost around 15 dollars each.


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

The Four Tops DVD's can be found on the internet. I would research under "Four Tops DVD's", music DVD's, ebay might possibly have some for sale. The Four Tops have four DVD's out, they are: Reach Out, From the Heart, Live at the MGM Grand and a semi-documentary/concert rehearsal recorded in France.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There are several DVDs: Reach Out (2008), The Four Tops (2004), From The Heart: The Four Tops - 50th Anniversary Concert (2006) and The Four Tops - Live at the MGM Grand (2001). Check Amazon for new and used copies of these and others.

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