Question by  Chang (9)

Are the Word CV templates helpful?

I don't know what a CV should look like.


Answer by  Alyaron (233)

A CV is something really personal, and as for me, I don't think any template will really help you to create your CV. What's common on all CVs is the kind of info you give (name, education, languages you speak, experiences, ...), but the layout is completely up to you. Remember that a non-standard layout can attract potential recruiters!


Answer by  slobo (13)

Yes. If you don't know what a CV should look like, then it's easiest just to fill in the blanks on Word's template. If you'd like more suggestions for what a CV should look like, you can search Google for "examples of CVs".


Answer by  Mturk85 (133)

Due to that you do not know what a CV should look like, the WORD CV templates will be very helpful for you to write a CV. From the CV templates, you can clearly get a logical structure of CV, such as personal information, including names, birth, etc, and eduction background, work experience, publications, and so on.


Answer by  Ranjan (159)

It's somewhat helpful but not everytime. We need to edit many things with our requirments so it's better to make manually.

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