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Question by  Metaru (16)

How do you remove and replace the cv Boot in an Isuzu?

I need to remove and replace the cv boot in my Isuzu.


Answer by  mikkie180 (167)

CV boots are not normally replaced because you have to disassemble to CV joint to get the boot off. If the CV joint makes a clicking noise while turning hard in either direction, the half shaft needs to be replaced as it is damaged. The half shaft can be removed by removed the brake califer and discoonecting the control arm.


Answer by  Ralphie1954 (420)

After removing the tire you must remove the brake caliper. You then remove the brake rotor and carefully allow the strut to move down. Carefully separate the lower control arm from the spindle. At this point remove the clips holding the axle in the transmission and remove from car. Cut boot off, clean CV joint, then slide new boot on.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Usually all you need to do is remove the wheel to get access to the boot. Then cut the bands that hold the boot on the cut the boot itself.


Answer by  maris (1)

I have a 97 Honda Passport/ Isuzu Rodeo. One of the CV boots is torn, the inside one on the drivers side, the outer boot is ready to go anytime. I have both replacement boots.

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