Question by  sarahshark (9)

Are swarmer termites different than regular termites?

My neighbor said swarmer termites are a real problem in this area.


Answer by  BeefStrule (690)

Swarmer termites are faster and more aggressive than regular termites. You can expect them to have a house eaten to the ground within 8 or 10 months sometimes! It's crazy!


Answer by  keke (335)

No not really swarmer termites are just a different type of regular termites you treat them the way you treat regualars termites to get rid of them they are not any different


Answer by  naputnam (454)

Swarmer termites are about 1/4-3/8 of an inch and are a phase in the reproductive cycle of regular termites. Not to be confused with ant swarmers, which look similar.


Answer by  CandaceCam (55)

Swarmer termites are one of several different types that exist. Swarmer termites look different from the type you usually see in homes.

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