Question by  wwwilly (128)

What do termites look like?

I thought I saw some termites but I am not sure.


Answer by  rhelms10 (310)

Termites are somewhat similar in appearance to ants. They have elongated bodies with six legs and antennae. The bugs are light colored, very light brown or cream colored. The abdomen is over half the length of the body.


Answer by  David41 (20)

Termites look a bit like large white or almost transparent ants. Some of them will have clear brownish wings. Most likely you will see them crawling around in groups on woodpiles or along the foundation of buildings.


Answer by  BillEcoarborist (23)

Termites look very similiar to ants but they are white except for reproductive swarmers which are black and have four wings that are equal in size hence the scientific name-Isoptera. If swarmers are found in a house, they are usually near windows.

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