Question by  Haritha (25)

What are the health advantages of riding a recumbent trike over a regular bike?

I am wanting to get into riding bikes and was told that recumbent trikes are better for you than regular ones.


Answer by  UlrichFan974 (7)

Recumbent Trikes are probably fun for flat areas, although I think they look ridiculous. When you go up hills though, like around where I live, you have to put your body weight into the pedals and that'd be impossible sitting down. Regular bikes are better for an all around workout, and athletes or people trying to get in shape.


Answer by  sprintjapan (85)

It strengthens your leg muscles more since the leg position is upwards fighting gravity while normal bikes pushes your leg downwards with the help of gravity. Legs pointing upwards also creates a crunch posture exercizing your 6 packs


Answer by  Phil77 (66)

Recumbant bikes, because of the seat and rider position, can be MUCH easier on your back. They also eliminate some of the gravity assistance while pedaling, so you work harder.


Answer by  nursepractitionerlisa (793)

It can be easier on your lower back, and easier on your knees. They may not be quite as ergo, though - so you have to use more energy.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

They provide much more support for you back and in turn that makes them a lot more fun and easier to ride. I think you also get a better workout from riding them, too.


Answer by  KLC (198)

Recumbent bikes are much more comfortable! No more tail-bone pain from perching on an uncomfortable seat and no more hand fatigue from shifting your weight to your hands.

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