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Question by  paulz1 (79)

Are slate countertops a good idea?

I am remodeling my kitchen.


Answer by  Adrian29 (547)

I love the slate counter top look, but they are a bit pricey. We used a slate tile to get the same look at 1/3 of the price and they look fantastic!


Answer by  KymBerly (447)

They were all the rage for a couple years there, but they are fading out of style. Marble, Granite and Tile have always been in and always will be. I your going to put out the $$ go main stream.


Answer by  jenn2350 (28)

Slate is a very versatile material that is hardy and easy to care for. I think slate is a very good choice because it is not as delicate as other countertop materials and will not stain, crack, or fade like some of the other options out there for you today.

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