Question by  joem (21)

Are online courses for human resource information systems a good choice?


Answer by  boyakivsky (43)

If you have enough time for stationary activities - courses online is really what you need. You can study anywhere, anytime. This is a modern trend. I believe that soon the majority of courses will operate online. It's a bit controversial issue, but it's your personal choice. Someone like - someone not.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Human resource information systems is something that requires you to learn a lot of information and to perhaps practice using some of the systems. Because of these characteristics, an online course would be a good choice--much more flexible than the in-class version. Make sure the course is offered by a legitimate, accredited company/university.


Answer by  Anuradhan (11)

Human resource course along with online courses needs practical class work also.Online courses is a good choice but not the best choice.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

If the program is through an accredited university or school. You do not want to waste money if the school is not accredited because then credits will not really count. There are a lot of great online schools and companies are realizing this.


Answer by  shakir61 (28)

yes online cources for human resources is a good choice because we can study on home,write exams & do jobs on the way or from different countries through internet.

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