Question by  jones (44)

Are limestone steps a good idea for my garden?


Answer by  steveorock (7)

there is no reason that limestone would not work in your garden. they hould be priced relitively low. i would think that they would quite heavy though,i live in georgia and have been in the gardening business for a number of years and have never seen limestone steps. i assume they are used in a different part of the us.


Answer by  Anonymous

Limestone will dissolve in contact with acidic soils that are common in some areas. I have a piece that broke off a step and was in the soil for about a year, and it is seriously "corroded".


Answer by  LSoares337 (24)

Limestone is a very porous substance and capable of leeching its elements with application of water over time. The leeched products contain substances that may be toxic to vegetation.


Answer by  Wallybingus (176)

Limestone steps would be a poor choice for any area that will be watered or irrigated. Water will dissolve limestone.


Answer by  Einstein (15)

Yes,as far as i am concerned limestone has good water absorbing capacity and is ideal for your garden steps.


Answer by  Shannon41 (20)

Yes, limestone steps are very durable but be carefull of small cracks in larger stones they will separate. Limestone is also very cost effective and can have some unique textures.


Answer by  Balaji (325)

Yes. Limestone is good idea to garden because it makes garden beautiful and is a good manure for plants also.

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