Question by  ffmacdc (12)

Are inhaling gasoline fumes all day harmful?

I work in a gas station.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Yes gas fumes are very dangerous. They can cause service health problems. Everything for respiratory harm to brain damage. You should always be in a well ventilated area when working around gasoline. In some cases they may even cause cancer. Contact OSHA because this sound like a very serious health hazrd.


Answer by  hypertech (690)

This depends on how much you inhale. Lots of exposure can rob your body of oxygen, replacing it with harmful carcinogens, which can lead to brain damage or asphyxiation. If you start to feel dizzy, sluggish, or just spaced out, take a break and get some fresh air.


Answer by  shashank (98)

Yes extremely harmful. symptom of over inhaling are:Respiratory problems ie. breathing,Rash on skin due to contact,Irritation or burning in the eyes,Dizziness,loss of sensation in arms&legs,Rapid heart beat,Weakness,burning sensation,Nausea or vomiting.


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

Yes it can be dangerous if you inhale too much gas fumes. If you are outside then you will be fine while inhaling it, but if you are inside a place and inhaling them, then that is bad.

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