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Question by  Josh40 (17)

Are grounded electrical wires necessary for light fixtures?


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Grounded wires are necessary for any electrical fixtures that is what stops you from getting an electric shock when you thouch the fixture.


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

Grounded electrical wires are a good idea in all electical work, but they are really only necessary when there is a risk of electrocution. Bathroom and kitchen outlets absolutely need to be grounded because there is a higher chance of water being in those areas. Light fixtures are less likely to get wet.


Answer by  homehelper (29)

Yes, grounding should be used in all home wiring. Grounding is important to make sure that a lightning strike does not damage light or other appliances in the house.


Answer by  Arioch (190)

If they are metal or have external metal exposed when the light is fully installed then you need to ground them. You can confirm this by checking the manufacturers instructions

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