Question by  Raj12 (13)

Are Conan the Barbarian comics still being published?

I haven't seen any new ones in a while.


Answer by  jessydav (550)

Yes Conan the Barbarian has appeared in comics since the 1970s. Marvel Comics was originally the publisher and published the comic until 2003 when Dark Horse started publishing a Conan the Barbarian saga. This series was so popular that Dark Horse released a second series in 2008 called Conan the Cimmerian in 2008.


Answer by  Krissie (551)

Technically. In April 2010, Dark Horse Comics published a few issues of the "Chronicles of Conan" series (issues 143-50), and "The Savage Sword of Conan" was recently reprinted by Marvel.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Yes they are! Conan the Barbarian comics never stopped! Picked up by Marvel Comics in the 1970's Marvel hung into that license till the late 1990's. The license hung around until within the last 8 years when Dar Horse Comics picked it up.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Marvel Comics started publishing Robert Howard's "Conan the Barbarian" in 1970. In 2003, Dark Horse Comics then secured the rights to publish the comic books. A reprint of "The Savage Sword of Conan, Vol. 1" by Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor-Smith, and John Buscema was published Oct 14, 2009. There have been no new entries recently.

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