Question by  sandhyanandayahoocom (93)

How big are treasury size comic books?

Are they different enough that I need different storage for them than my regular comic books?


Answer by  Napasaurus (243)

Treasury sized comic books are on average about the size of standard pulp style magazines. A good example would be the traditional style Rolling Stone, think the size that they used to be before the format switched to the current size. Any comic shop should offer larger sized storage containers.


Answer by  itsame (275)

Treasury comics are over sized compared to regular comic books. They have dimensions of 10 1/2 inches by 13 1/2 inches.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Yes; You need larger storage containers for "Treasury size" comic books. Regular comic books are about: 6-1/2" (16.51cm) to 6-3/4" (17.14cm) x 10-1/4" (26.04cm) to 10-1/2" (26.67cm). "Treasury size" comic books are "pulp" fiction/magazine format/size, about twice as big: 10-1/4" (26.04cm) to 10-1/2" (26.67cm) x 13" (33.02cm) to 13-1/2" (34.29cm).


Answer by  vaargen (83)

There are no given standard for treasury sized comic books but normal sizes includes 6.75" x 10.25" and 10.50" x 13.50" but most likely you need at least a bigger storage for them since standard normal size for a comic book is 9.50" x 6.50"


Answer by  mcr666 (362)

Treasury size comic books are usually hardcover, as they often contain all of the comic volumes that ran for a particular time. They are larger than regular comics.

posted by Anonymous
I've never seen a 'hardcover' Treasury Size comic book. They are generally oversized 'magazine style' with better quality pages but otherwise are the same as normal comics.  add a comment

Answer by  Olive (1195)

Yeah, these are different: they typically measure 6.75" x 10.25", making for an impressive presenation. You can purchase special holders for them too, at your local comic book store or online.


Answer by  giselleflores (112)

Treasury size comic books are about the size of over ten regular comic books. As I've seen them they are also a lot easier to keep in mint condition and are more like books than anything. They are also hopped up on the prize as well so you're essentially paying for the same amount of comic books just compact.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well no they are not substantially in different in size. They can be stored the regular way that you normally store all of your comic books. There are different types of treasury comic books however. Some can be a bit bigger in size but the rest are generally almost the same.


Answer by  Anonymous

Treasury-sized comics are not hardcover, are on average about 80 pages long, and are from 10"x13" to 10.5"x14" in size (depending on the publisher).

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