Question by  muffinx1 (232)

How do you know if your comic book is a collectible comic book?

I have several old comic books.


Answer by  turkishtowel (455)

Age of a comic book may not be a good indicator of how collectible it might be. Go to eBay and see what people are paying for that particular comic.


Answer by  MAFW (6)

Each comic book has the potential to become a collectible. A safe bet would be to input the specifics of the comic into a search engine and see what results are returned. Oftentimes, the results will reveal listings of the same comic up for sale on other sites.


Answer by  Steve247 (519)

Search up the issue on Ebay and see what they are selling for, that should give you a general idea. Try also taking it to a comic book shop or even a comic con. There are also several comic book forums on the internet, try asking their members what it's worth.


Answer by  Suzie57 (104)

If the comic books you own are out of print, chances are they are collectible. If there were only a limited prints of a specific comic book, they are probably collectible as well. The better shape they are in, the more value they have.

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