Question by  worker75 (24)

Are calcifications in the breast surgically removed?

My doctor says that my mammogram shows calcifications.


Answer by  Maggie59 (33)

The first time my calcifications were found, my doctor did a stereotactic biopsy to see if they were cancerous. The biopsy was negative, and luckily enough the biopsy removed all of the calcifications. As far as I understand, surgery is never a first option with calcifications.


Answer by  MrsSmith (31)

I have calcifications also, only noticed after i started breastfeeding. My Doctor called them "breast mouses" and said not to worry about them, it's best to check with your Doctor.


Answer by  madlambe (197)

No, calcifications are usually treated with medication which breaks down the lumps caused. This may take some time to happen but your doctor will monitor you carefully


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

A microcalcification, as opposed to macrocalcification, may not be benign. Needle localization biopsy will show malignancy if present. Or wait six months and get another mammogram to show any changes. Calcifications are common and usually benign. Surgery is only indicated if malignancy is present.

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