Question by  Jameson382 (27)

Are bloodhounds a pure breed of dog?

Or is it a general description of dogs who have a good sense of smell?


Answer by  Liz (83)

Absolutely! The bloodhound is a large hound recognized by the American Kennel Club as a distinct breed of dog. While there are other types of hounds, this bred is noted as having the most extraordinary sense of smell which makes them a valuable asset in tracking game, missing persons or criminals.


Answer by  Nanthawat (131)

Technically there is no real "pure breed" anymore. "Pure breed" ended when we started accepting wild wolves, coyotes, foxes into our homes and started taming and breeding them to suit our needs. But a 'bloodhound', better known as 'Saint Bernard' is registered with the American Kennel Club as a pure breed.

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