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Question by  izzabizzal (58)

Are a uterine rupture and a uterine window 2 different things?


Answer by  jelm (35)

The uterine window describes the thinning of the uterus that occurs with each pregnancy. The uterine rupture is actually the tearing of the wall and it is increased with each pregnancy. The thinning of the wall or uterine window can acually increase the chances of uterine rupture. They are both completely different yet similar.


Answer by  THEMEDIC (50)

Yes both the terms mean different things. When a woman undergoes repeated pregnancies her uterus becomes thinner due to lot of stretching. The thinned part of the uterus is referred to as uterine window. If such a woman becomes pregnant chances are high her uterus will tear open due to its thin and weakened walls and this is referred to as uterine rupture.


Answer by  dubhreubel (501)

A uterine rupture is the actual tearing of the uterine structure, a uterine window is the thinning of a section of the uterus which increases your risk of uterine rupture.


Answer by  Startwearinggreen (340)

Yes they are a uterine rupture is when it ruptures and a uterine window is when you can see in the uterine.


Answer by  john37 (3)

I believe that a uterine rupture is probably detrimental to your health, where a uterine window sounds like it is more of a normal occurance.


Answer by  jonjon (25)

yes they are both different but very similar indeed they are both symptoms of a well ruptured uterine it is no big deal and can be treated.

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