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Question by  DDavis (8)

How can I find a holistic uterine cancer doctor?

I have just been diagnosed with uterine cancer and I want to pursue holistic medicine.


Answer by  victoria67 (80)

The American Holistic Medical Association's website has a state specific search engine. Turning to holistic medicine as an alternative to traditional medicine (although it can be argued that holistic medicine is more traditional)is entering the mainstream, so don't overlook your local phone directories and even your neighbors and friends.


Answer by  Jackie20 (83)

To find a doctor who practices in your state contact the American Holistic Medical Association's website. Search for a oncologist this is the specialist that deals with uterine cancer.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There are online directories of homeopathic physicians. Most will encourage you to pursue conventional methods in addition to holistic treatments. Homeopathic health professional always like to work cooperatively, thought your allopathic oncologist may poo-poo the plan. Do it anyway.


Answer by  justbu (143)

Please note: you'll want to find "the best" doctor, not just "a doctor. " Type "holistic cancer doctor" into any major search engine as well as sites like WebMD.


Answer by  JaneRobbins (38)

One way to find a holistic doctor is to search the web. Using search engines such as google, input "holistic medicine in [city/county you are in]". Another search for "uterine cancer treatment" will list links to holistic doctors.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

First, I strongly ask you to do this in conjunction with your oncology care team. They are there to save your life. Next, look in your state for a listing of Holistic practitioners, consult your best local Natural Foods store, they usually have good recommendations. Check the website for Standard Process supplements, they have excellent product info.


Answer by  BAllen1217 (7)

By networking or finding recommendations. Holistic Medicine is very network friendly.Try finding one recommended from a reliable Holistic practitioner first, or one related to oncology.


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

You can consult with a cardio or neuro surgeon and get his advise so they will direct to the proper person.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

Start by checking with your doctor or local cancer treatment center and see if they take a holistic approach. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a good place to check.

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