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Question by  Ken (31)

Am I too old to learn how to dance?


Answer by  kiwee87 (141)

You're never too old to learn how to do anything. There's a 90 year old man in my swing dance class. He's the best of the whole bunch! If you are passionate about wanting to dance, do it.


Answer by  udaipur (219)

no way! there might be some limitations as to the types of moves you can perform... like you might not be able to twirl your partner above your head. i have seen people dancing with walkers - so basically, if you can move in any way, you can dance.

Reply by DulceDeLeche (219):
I agree... all you need to do is feel the music and move your body. that is dancing. people spend all this time working on nuanced moves, which is completely fine, but at its core, dancing is just physical movement in reaction to music.  add a comment

Answer by  rfoltz33 (217)

No one is too old to learn anything. Dancing is healthy for anyone. Not only are you learning something new, but your'e staying fit and having fun simultaneously.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

No one is too old to learn. Don't expect to do it for a living, but you can learn well enough to enjoy dancing.


Answer by  sammy0415 (274)

No one is ever to old to learn! You are as young as you feel. However, if you have any health problems or conditions it would be best to talk to your doctor before you engage in physical activity.


Answer by  dance4urlife13 (10)

There is no age limit for dance. Go for it!

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