Question by  Jen82 (22)

What are some ideas for highlights for black hair?

My hair is very black but I want highlights.


Answer by  doctop (74)

One of my friends has black hair and wanted highlights as well. What she ended up doing was going to her stylist and getting certain parts bleached and then she colored them teal. It was absolutely stunning on her. I also think a burnt red looks cool as well. If you want natural, dark brown is the way to go.


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

i like the blonde layer underneath. i also like auburn highlights and caramel highlights. alot of people are doing the platinum blonde hightlights, which looks interesting, but i really love the caramel highlights in black hair.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

You will probably have to have your hair professionally done. Generally with black hair it is a good idea to lighten strands and put in a reddish, auburn, or brown color rather than getting straight blonde hi-lights. Generally blonde-on-black creates a skunk stripe, Cruella DeVille effect and you definitely don't want that.


Answer by  saraleen (13)

well idont like the highlights for black hair its not easy to have the same color u pick but the red is the perfect color for black hair its amazing and u can use platine but first dye ur hair with platine then highlight it with black coz to turn the black to platine not easy

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