Question by  cesarin (41)

How do I start a generator for an RV?

I am going camping for the first time and have no idea how to start the generator.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Most RV diesel/gasoline electric generators are electric push-button/switch start. Usually the start push-button/switch is either located near/on the generator or inside/on one of your electric control panels. You usually push the button or flip the switch for a few seconds until you hear/see the generator turn over and start running.


Answer by  moemakaveli (7)

Let's start with the obvious, I would first go and get the generator manual and see if it has the detailed instructions on how to start it. If no manual is available i would try to find a start engine button, if nothing works then kicking the generator would do.


Answer by  Sven (19)

First you have to plug the generator into the side of the RV using the plug. Next, find the choke, and pull it out. Then push the primer button 3 to 5 times to inject a small amount of gas into the carburetor. Finally, pull the cord until it starts.


Answer by  sdnco (264)

It depends on the type of generator. Some start with a pull like a lawn mower. Others have a starter, or switch on the inside of the RV. If your generator is wired to your RV, then more than likely there is a choke and switch on the inside of your RV. Check inside the cabinet under the sink.


Answer by  BtB (47)

Each RV and generator is different, but most share the same principal. Locate the control panel. It may have a button for "priming" the gas -- similar to when you prime the gasoline through the engine of a lawn mower. Press the button a few times before flipping on switch.

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