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Question by  Ang (58)

With the new digital broadcast system is it true that I can get free hdtv?


Answer by  cmitch (104)

Yes, it's true. I was getting the regular broadcast channels (PBS, CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC) in HD for free on my HDTV while I had standard cable. Now I have the cable company's box attached to my tv and I no longer get free HD, I will need to buy the HD package from the cable company.


Answer by  case (1261)

I am not aware of getting free HDTV with the new digital broadcast system. You either have to pay extra through your TV satellite company or cable company. You will know you have HDTV because the channel will have HD behind it on the guide on TV.


Answer by  anime018 (234)

Yes you can get free, over the air HDTV. That's all your local channels in HD for free. Plus some new channels in HD.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

Depending on which cable provider you have will depend on if you have free hdtv. Most providers do offer htdv for free

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