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Question by  Madeline (41)

Why am I not digesting my pills?

I am having a hard time digesting my medication, it is not getting into my system and I am concerned.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Is your doctor aware of this? Sometimes the gel of capsules won't digest and you can see them in your bowel movement. Your doctor will be able to tell you more. Different pills digest in different parts of the stomach so he should know what's going on. This is way water needs to be drank.


Answer by  Anonymous

I would disagree with MattK(1703). I am recently discovered (and I know this sounds sick) my medication in my feces. Full pills and not gel caps or capsules have been in the toilet. This is frequent when I am having digestion problems. Excuse the pun but this too will pass.


Answer by  GeoffKeoghyahoocom (466)

More than likely you are digesting your pills. Sometimes the capsule containers can remain undigested in your stool; however, the contents will be digested.


Answer by  phyl896 (62)

Maybe you should make sure you are drinking plenty of water with your pills. Or take them with food so that they are digested with the food. If all else fails, maybe see if you can get a gel form.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

This could be caused by dehydration or a lack of stomach acid. However, if the pills are not digesting, you are not getting the full dose intended. Contact your doctor to either adjust the medication form to liquid or resolve the digestive system problem.


Answer by  AppleSauce (140)

How do you know that you are not digesting your pills? If there are fragments of your medications present in your stool and the medication is important for your well being, I would suggest talking to your doctor.


Answer by  HelpChat (494)

Your pills are probably digesting. You need to ask a doctor or pharmacist to review your medication and your diet. Please do so soon.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

If someone is taking pills and not digesting them, they would not be digesting anything and would starve to death. If the pill is not working, you need to be switched to one that does. Unless the pill comes out the way it went in, you are digesting it but it is not affective on you.

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