Question by  BarbaraG (27)

Will you get big pecs doing pushups?

I would like to get big pecs.


Answer by  whobesidesme (406)

You can pump up your chest with pushups for sure... vary them though. Try doing them on the stairs or with one hand on a medicine ball. Keep your muscles guessing and you'll see better results.


Answer by  Grish34 (42)

Push ups are a compound exercise working many other areas than just the the pectoral muscles. If you wnat to focus on the pectoral muscle I suggest you try the fly or machine fly which isolates the pectoral area.


Answer by  txgirl (67)

Yes, push ups will effectively exercise your pectoral muscles. If you do many reps frequently throughout the day, this will help to make the muscles grow larger faster.


Answer by  cjlimes (26)

Pushups are a great exercise for working on your pecs. There are other exercises that will also help develop your pecs such as free weights and a medicine ball.


Answer by  John (9008)

Push-ups do work your chest muscles, as well as several other muscle groups in your arms and core. You should vary your exercise routine, however, because your body will get acclimated to just doing the same exercise and you will see less benefit. Weight training is excellent for building muscle; the bench press would be great for you, too.

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